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My dear sexy friend, here are two “unusual” positions I want to share with you! Whatever it is you are doing… STOP!!!It will just take 2 minutes to read them – and they will help you surprise your lover tonight… But donĀ“t forget to get a bottle of Champagne first!!!So, get ready for the most […]

The War on Truth

President George W. Bush has long preferred illusion to reality. “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda,” Bush explained of his approach at a public forum in 2005. For Bush, there are […]

Camping Chairs: Some Facts and Trivia

The camping chair is a wonderful addition to your camping gear when you are fishing, when you are lazing on the beach, or when you are just trying to drink in the beauty of the nature in a picturesque picnic spot. The camping chair is the icing on cake – which though not compulsory or […]

Fear Be Gone

I recently received an email that prompted me to answer a poll about what I feared most. I didn’t reply to the email because my biggest fear at that moment was the fear of receiving more unsolicited email. However, I did start thinking about the subject of fear. What are we afraid of? What is […]

Christmas may very well be the oldest holiday that is shared across the many cultures of the world; it is traditionally celebrated during the winter season (or even the warm summer season if you count Australia, where Christmas is celebrated as an official holiday).Before Christmas was celebrated, people were finding time to celebrate in Europe […]

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