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Learn to Audit-Proof Your Tax Records

Begin by building your documentation system. There are more than 300 tax deductions available to small business owners. By converting many of your personal expenses into legitimate business deductions, you can have a HUGE impact on you financial well being. For example, lowering your expenses makes it easier to become financially free (or as Robert […]

Many affiliate programs are written and designed so that the program owner gets more than ninety percent of the benefits of your advertising efforts. Here are the criteria and a guideline to building your own profitable program for earning income from affiliate programs.Only a very few people in most affiliate programs ever make any income […]

In this day and age we are so inundated with choice and opportunity that you might even say that we are spoiled for choice. There is just so much that we could do that we often end up not doing anything at all. Procrastination is one of the biggest dream killers. In a world where […]

If you’re like me, you like to find a vacation spot where you can engage in some of your favorite activities. Some people pick the destination based on its beauty or the weather, but I’m not to just sit and watch the sunset every day – I want a little action with my R&R.Before you […]

Why settle for slow speed, high electricity costs and a technology invented a hundreds years ago if you can have the latest in data transmission at less the cost and many times the speed?With the use of glass or plastic threads to transmit data the fiber optics is an upcoming technology. A bundle of glass […]

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