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The great wall of China tourist attractions The Great Wall is the treasure of Chinese civilization, it is one of the world’s cultural heritage it is the miracle of human being. The Great Wall makes us feel the greatness of our country ‚ In the distantly two thousand years ago, The working people built the […]

Old Town of China Li jiang Old Town of Li jiang is full of ancient cultural atmosphere, we can get a lot of excellent cultural knowledge The old town of Li jiang has a colorful local customs and recreational activities ,The Chinese government put it as a national historical and cultural city, it identifies the […]

Peer to Peer technology (P2P) first came into focus through companies like Napster and Kazza, who developed file sharing applications that would allow users to share their own files, as well as search for and download files of other users on the network. Instead of relying on a centralized client server relationship, a peer to […]

Prepaid prepaid phone cards allow the user to purchase a specific dollar value of calling time and to have the cost of each call deducted from the account balance. Sold at many retail locations as well as on the Internet, you can buy them at relatively cheap prices and use them from almost from anywhere. […]

The humble harmonica has to be one of the easiest musical instruments to master in the world. Okay, so there are some great Folk and Blues musicians out there that can make this little mouth piece talk their language, but what I’m talking about here is for Joe Average, without a musical bone in his […]

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