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You know you have techno-stress when you can’t keep up with newspapers and letters that arrive at work and home. Cell phones ringing in restaurants make you want to scream and your workload continues to mount as you are available 24 hours a day anywhere on the planet.Welcome to the age of technology. An age […]

Hotels Guide – Part 2 of 4

Classification and hotels reservationRegarding Italy, law differentiates the hotel services in:– hotels: receptive services open to the public, with unitary administration providing lodging, possibly food and other accessory services, thanks to the reservation of rooms in hotels; – motel: hotels particularly equipped for the stop and services of vehicles or crafts assuring them repair services […]

Forget what you might have heard: Journalists can earn money publishing online. Here are some tips from OJR readers.Updated: 2007-04-04 at 10:11 AM (MST) by Robert Niles [Printer-friendly page | Previous versions]This article is designed to help journalists learn how to make extra money, or even a full-time wage, by publishing independently online. It is […]

Value of Quality Human Resource

The value of quality human resource is highly dependent upon the type of organization employees work for. AXACT Inc strives to create a dynamic environment where a variety of people can work together to achieve the same goals. To create a workplace where employees are excited and driven to come to work each day, businesses […]

Depression in Adolescence

Growing up is something we all have to face. This often brings with it the consequences that are not particularly welcome. Our biggest changes occur in our youth and in particularly during adolescence where we undergo, huge changes, not only physical but also emotional and psychological.This can be very overwhelming and difficult for teens to […]

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