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The right sneaker can make or break your 20 minute workout. If you have a shoe that gives you blisters or makes your feet ache, you will not enjoy your walk and you run the risk of injury. Walks should be enjoyable and effective, so when searching for the perfect walking sneaker keep this criteria […]

Incorporating the Stability Ball into prenatal conditioning effectively engages your core musculature. According to Sheila Watkins, of Healthy Moms Fitness: Clinical observations involving the use of a stability ball with prenatal clients have shown a low incidence of back pain in late pregnancy, strong, firm abdominal muscles and increased core stability.  Simply sitting on […]

It’s easy to improve your endurance with basic cardio fitness and aerobic workouts. If you have better endurance, you will lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. When you have strong endurance, you have the energy and stamina to participate in everyday activities, and then some. As you perform […]

Exercise Reduces Jet Lag

Let lag is a physiological phenomena resulting from crossing one or more time zones. Jet lag originates in nerve cells of the hypothalamic region of our brain which regulate temperature, sleep, and timing such as circadian rhythms. This internal brain system does not react rapidly to changes such as skipping ahead several time zones. When […]

“They dont make em like they used to.” You hear this said about everything – cars, houses, toys, clothes… Well, they dont make TV shows like they used to, either. If you grew up watching classic TV, you probably have some very fond memories of sitting in front of the television with your family watching […]

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