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Getting Contest Ready

Ah yes, contest season is just around the corner. While browsing fitness and bodybuilding forums, I find it common for new competitors to be completely lost in an abundance of information.Information overload can destroy your best intentions. Many individuals that are new to the fitness sport gather a ton of quality information. While this is […]

In movies such as “Jaws” and “Deep Blue Sea”, sharks have been depicted as cold blooded killers. Although I must agree with the fact that they are cold blooded creatures and that by being natural predators, they must kill in order to ensure their own survival, the similarities stop right there! In these movies, they […]

Tips in coping with menopause

One of the major milestones in the life of a woman is menopause. This is the period when the woman will no longer have their monthly periods. This also means that this is the end of their being fertile. Once a woman goes into menopause, they can no longer bear a child.Menopause occurs when a […]

Whenever you switch on the TV, whenever you open a magazine, there is almost certainly one topic in discussion: Being to heavy, Obesity, and how to get rid of unnecessary pounds. “Slim and Fit” are keywords and almost everybody wants to be that way. But it is a sad fact that people in our society […]

The Magic Rituals of the Kabbalah

Divination, Evocation and Vision are the preliminary techniques of Magic rituals in the kabbalah. There is considerable justification for their employment: when there is adequate understanding of their meaning and technical procedure. But these are preliminary methods only. They are but steps leading to the consummation of the supreme sacrament. The inevitable end of Magic […]

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