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Computer generated images (known as CGI) have become very popular over the past two decades, and their importance and use will increase even further in the future because of their wide applicability in various fields. In the area of movies and films in general CGI has become an essential tool for filmmakers to bring their […]

Information Technology (IT) is more complex than most buildings. This is why it requires a similar architectural process in order to have a positive and predicted outcome. Too many IT projects don’t end positive or as predicted. IPA business analysts end up running hundreds of surveys in companies all over North America. They’re exposed to […]

It is a well known fact a few decades back computers used to have serious problems with monitors. When static images were left on them, monitors could easily burn them in permanently. To fight this problem, people came up with software programs that were set to change the images displayed on computer screensaver after a […]

MySQL is a rock solid, lighting fast database server which has been designed for two factors speed and performance. It is the Ferrari of databases: Light weight, fast and Built for the high speed tracks! I still hear an awful lot of stories from owners whose databases are running two slow. In my experience, the […]

GIF is one of the oldest file formats used for graphics and digital photos storage. GIF has many technical advantages but it also has one big business disadvantage. GIF uses LZW compression which is tangled with patents and licensing issues. The free creation and usage of GIF files was always in debate. While GIF is […]

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