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The child named Amelia Taylor is the youngest baby born in the world. When her mother was pregnant for about 22 weeks, she came to the world. Taylor was born only 280 grams, 24 cm high, just a little longer than the ordinary pen. Taylor is the earliest and most babies born in the world. […]

I remember the first day of training well. It had been an interesting experience (read euphemism for painful) as I limped into the shower afterwards. My feet were killing me, it was that simple. All the more worrying for me afterwards was that I was committed to driving round to pick up my girl friend […]

All about wine and health

Research has proved that moderate wine consumption helps the health in several ways. Wine helps both men and women body, anyhow the beneficial effects many work differently in both body of men and women. Following are few of the general benefits of moderate wine consumption: * It lowers bad cholesterol * Increases your good cholesterol […]

Aquariums and Fish Care Details

How to relate to fish To handle Aquarium and Fish Care you must first relate to the type of fish. Fish include saltwater fish and freshwater fish, which freshwater includes tropical and coldwater fish. To help you get started in Aquarium and Fish Care we can consider a few types of fish. Pantodontidae: Pantodontidae only […]

Viagra-the ultimate power enhancer

Love is a divine feeling that can be expressed by two ways either by words or by touch. In a married life the latter becomes much prominent because of the fact that a physical relation is an integral part of a married life. A sexual intercourse is not just a way to get closer to […]

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