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Back-Linking Strategies

It’s no secret that getting other websites to link to yours (reciprocal linking) is an important part of your website development and Search Engine Optimization. Steady, strategic link building can help you, not only maintaining your website traffic, but also increase it significantly as well. However, when adding backlinks to your website be aware of […]

Alternative Ten To Follow…

Preview of 2007: Matts Alternative Ten To Follow… Well it seems to be the time of year when every man and his dog is sharing the ten horses theyre most looking forward to seeing this season. And, in the spirit of this, I thought Id share mine with you. However, if youre expecting the usual […]

Elliptical Exercise and Stairclimber machines are a great way to burn calories, pump up your heart rate, and work the quads, hamstrings, and butt. It is also a good exercise to take the pressure off your knees from running. Most Elliptical exercise machines feature an interactive display that shows you how long youve been stepping, […]

Choosing Your Dog’s Name

Because dog confusion is a major obstacle to training success, what you name your dog and how you use that name can determine your success in his training and behavior.Dogs are vocal, not verbal. How words sound is important to them, so consider that then choosing names and commands. To your dog, the words “No,” […]

When it comes to your Meta tags you want them to contain key information about your website as well as your top keywords. Make sure they keywords are in the title as well as in the body of the text. Make sure you write a description about your page using specific information and keywords, but […]

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