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Chicken pox- symptoms

Chicken pox is a disease that affects mainly children. It is contagious and can be spread even through air. The main way of chicken pox transmission is by direct contact with the person infected by chicken pox. Like many other disease, chicken pox also has symptoms. These signs will appear about three weeks after infection […]

In our days there are still a lot of people out there which are single because they havent got a relationship until now. One of the reasons why this happen is because men are still confusing about something; which is better to choose: one night stands or long term relationships? Both have advantages and disadvantages […]

The Best Lobster Bisque Recipe

Lobster bisque is an example of practical cooking at its finest. The goal is to take one ingredient, in this case the lobster, and use as many parts of it as possible in a way that allows each part to taste most like its essence. For the absolute best tasting lobster bisque, use only the […]

Being the Eldest Brother

This was not a position I ever saw myself occupying. I am the eldest of five kids, all boys. Of course at this point, as we range in age from 37-58, we are grown men, not really kids any longer. Our father died in 1977 when I was 29 years of age. I was a […]

Automobile companies go to extreme lengths to one up the competition, they roll out new makes and models yearly. The cars of today are lean, mean horsepower monsters showcased in the most beautiful designs imaginable. During times of oil and petroleum crisis, consumers are still waiting in line to purchase the latest automobiles. So it […]

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