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I presumed Adam and Jared link by repeating 800-year cycles in the secondary age category. Coining the descriptive 800-year period to be a “Generation Cycle,” I set about analyzing the remaining secondary ages for Seth, Enos, Cainan and Mahalaleel. All four secondary ages include extra time greater than the idealized 800-year Generation Cycle. The 7-Tzolken-sacred-year […]

For people in the mortgage industry such as loan officers and mortgage brokers that are looking to purchase internet mortgage leads, choosing the right mortgage lead company cannot only make you money but it can save you money as well.By choosing the right mortgage lead company you can definitely make a return on your investment.By […]

These 12 animals represent the twelve year, rotating cycle that is essential to the Chinese zodiac. You’ve probably heard people refer to a specific year being the According to legends, these were the animals that appeared before The Jade Emporer (or Buddha, depending on which story you are talking about) responding to an invitation. The […]

Many foreign friends of mine are complaining to me that Chinese is so hard to learn: the ridiculously difficult writing system, the confusing four tones, the extensive system of measure words, so a lot of things to memorize… It seems that I should thank God just for being born Chinese. Is Chinese really that hard […]

Sporting Venues

Sporting venues can be terrific places to host events and conferences. While sporting venues are not thought to be your typical conference or event venue, sporting venues can actually be very accommodating, regardless of whether you are hosting events or conferences for hundreds of guests or just a few. Many sporting venues can accommodate groups […]

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