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In order to meet the native Ecuadorian, played by Louie Leonardo, that speared his father to death, a young man, played by Chad Allen, flies to a jungle in Ecuador to find out the truth about what happened. But to his surprise, a life alternating event occurs as they become closer and closer to one […]

It has become increasingly critical to establish high-quality incoming links to your website for search engine optimization efforts. Search engines, like Google and Yahoo!, place a high level of importance on link popularity in determining ranking position for a websites search engines organic ranking results. While content optimization is still very important, a volume of […]

Glimpses of Esoteric Christianity Part 1

Esotericism There is more to Truth and Reality than what elementary minds would want to pursue and consider. It often seems more comfortable to sit in the dark where we see nothing than to face the blinding light. Is the blindness the same in both cases? The former is blissful ignorance, the latter an initial […]

Basic Rules of Carrom

The basic rules of carrom are as follow: Carrom could be played by two or four people. Two needs to sit opposite to each other, in case of four, players needs to sit opposite two are partners. As an exception case, even three members can play against each other for points. Arrange the carrom men […]

One Step Away From A Better Golf Swing

Golf experts do agree on something. It’s not possible to have a good stroke if your balance isn’t maintained throughout the entire golf swing. Keeping your balance sounds pretty simple. But it’s almost impossible when you have a death grip on the club, your arms and shoulders are stiff and you’re trying to hit the […]

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