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How does a busy professional like yourself cope with the mounting demands and pressures of career and everyday life and still achieve success? Whether you are a beginner just starting your career or a tenured executive with many years of success, the key to achieving BIG is breaking the “feel-good” addiction. The feel-good addiction is […]

Sometimes life changes in unexpected ways and an opportunity presents itself that just cannot be missed. It may be a career change or a promotion that will mean a better salary and better benefits. But this prospect may mean moving to a place far away and so even if it looks better for raising your […]

You want to write, but there are so many duties that take precedence over your personal goals. For those like me, who work full-time and are raising a young child, there is always the struggle to find time for writing. Once you do grasp the opportunity, after the baby is in bed and the husband […]

Cats are born with claws, the same way that humans are born with fingernails and toe nails. Cats need claws in order to mark or scratch a specific place or territory that they have been in. Humans need finger nails to, scratch themselves or others, or for opening a letter envelope. Cats basically stretch their […]

A recent American Nursing Association (ANA) poll indicates that 18.8 percent of nurses in the U.S. do not work in nursing. A study by the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research reveals that 22.7 percent of nurses plan to leave their hospital jobs in the next 12 months. Despite record-breaking salaries and bonuses, nurses […]

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