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If the Wedding Crasher Comes

Movies quite naturally use nearly every aspect of our lives and traditions – often in odd ways. “The Wedding Crashers” – a pair of divorce mediators – crash weddings to find available women high on romance for one-night stands. Probably works better than lurking by the vegetable section. It was a most successful movie and […]

Is Your Advertising Measurable?

Do you want to get a measurable response from your advertising, or do you want to generate awareness for your business? The answer to this question will direct you to a marketing strategy that generates new, interested prospects, or a branding campaign that creates awareness to an unknown number of prospects in your area.If you […]

Firstly we live in an over-advertised world and when there is so much “advertising noise” all around us. Us being human naturally we tend to drown out virtually all of it and tune in only to that which we are already familiar with or that which we trust because we already know something about. What […]

Buying on eBay can be lots of fun and profiting. If you love bargains, and am yet to see anyone who doesn’t, i stand corrected, if there is anyone one out there who doesn’t, then eBay is the right place for you. 24 hours a day and the whole year through in the comfort of […]

Article submission software has to be the best tool ever created for article marketing. If you have been an article marketer for half your life, you would probably know the ills of article submission. Not only that, you also do understand fully how effective marketing with articles is. Let us start counting the ills of […]

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