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Too many webmasters and blog site owners are getting themselves into lots of trouble in their desperate bids to create traffic and revenue for their sites. There are many so-called SEO activities that are generally looked down on by search engines while others are even penalized in search engine rankings with devastating results. Many webmasters, […]

Calorie Cutting Tips

One of the best ways to lose body fat is by cutting calories. It is proven by research and science that the more calories an individual take in, the more calories their body must use up to prevent gaining weight, especially body fat. If an individual eat lesser calories than they burn, they will lose […]

Read this article to empower yourself to enjoy the power of forming mental pictures. Read this article to do much more than that. Get better at finding and fulfilling your heart’s desire. Succeed at manifesting what you desire and imagine with the power of thought. Lets start by looking at a dictionary definition of the […]

Photography has become an increasingly popular hobby in recent years. With advances in technology, today’s digital cameras make it possible to quickly and easily take good photos. Many people however are stuck in “automatic” mode (or rather their cameras are). Armed with a little knowledge about your digital camera (and some practice) your photos can […]

I Made My New Years Resolutions

The crystal ball rose and the fireworks exploded welcoming a brand new year. Excitement filled the air with the expectations of fulfilling every pledge I made to do things better than the year before. This year it was going to be different! A new house, a promise of a promotion at my job and of […]

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