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Borrowing money involves a lot of options. You can rely on asset based lending, non-asset lending, instant loans and payday loans. When you provide some asset as a security to the lender, it is called asset based lending. Non-asset lending exempts you from providing a security to the lender. Non-asset lending or unsecured loans can […]

The Homecoming

Timothy Ciciora Command Master Chief, United States Navy, Retired Atlantic Beach, Florida My ship, the USS John L. Hall, a guided missile frigate, had just returned from Desert Storm to its base in Mayport, Florida. As my fellow sailors and I walked down the pier, the first thing I saw was a 500-foot inflatable Budweiser […]

The average price of gasoline has now reached an all time high in the United States at $3.03 per gallon. Higher even than in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. The recent cease fire and UN agreement between Israel, Lebanon, and the Hizbollah and the recent downgrading of the years predicted hurricanes and gulf coast storms have […]

Southern Fresh Water Total Fishing Tips

My trip into the south to uncover the best techniques for catching catfish has yielded some unusual yet astounding results. I first arrived in a small town called Belton in the great state of Texas. I asked some of the locals where a good place to catch catfish would be.I was directed to Lake Belton […]

Although it is part of all businesses, fighting to place the winning bid for contracting jobs is vital for survival in the building industry. In most cases construction companies will place ten or more times the number of bids to actual jobs taken, and usually survival is dependant on a few hefty projects each year […]

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