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Nurturing the Vision

Live more powerfully & more significantly – the journey begins today!PURPOSE is what youre created for. MISSION is what youre meant to do about it. VISIONS are the evidence, and GOALS are the means of achievement.If youve been following along with us as we explore living more powerfully and significantly by harnessing the process of […]

Background to Erectile DysfunctionAs the recorded incidence goes, launch of Viagra in 1998 increased awareness of erectile dysfunction. Prior to the introduction of the first oral medication to treat this common affliction associated with the aging process, most men simply had to suffer in silence with the sort of resignation they applied to balding or […]

Litter Boxes For Cats

As the market for pets is expanding, there are more and more choices available for pet owners now, and instead of plain cardboard litter boxes, there are various selections one can choose from for his cat. Litter boxes now range from old dishpans to used cardboards, or some store-stocked expensive products that you may find […]

Berlin Property an investment market

It is a fact that Berlin in Germany has undervalued real estate and with shrewd multi national companies already investing in the city its only a matter of time that others will follow. It is now time for the smaller overseas property investor to examine Berlin’s housing market. Research reveals compelling evidence that Berlins housing […]

Would you know what to do with regard to your auto insurance if you were involved in more than a light fender bender in Texas? How you react in the face of an awful situation like a car accident, could mean the difference between more tragedy down the road (in the form of an extended […]

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