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Do’s and Dont’s on SEO

as webmaster know, search engine optimization is a tedious job and process for a long term goal. Creating or optimizing site to rank high is a challenge. Different and thousands of questions left unanswered like how can one maintain the rank on search engines. As for thoughts on seo do’s and dont’s here are some […]

Social Programs Damage Character

My direct experience with social programs consists of collecting unemployment 20 years ago for about three months. As short a time as this was, it showed me some of the problems that are inherent in programs which are supposed to help people. Basically, it made me not want to work. The way in which unemployment […]

The law of attraction is a philosophical concept which states that we get in life everything that we focus our thoughts on. The concept first surfaced in the year 1910 in the book called the science of getting rich written by Wallace D. Wattles. The law of attraction philosophy however became very popular after the […]

The Two Big Factors Of Selling On Ebay!

We have all read the stories in the papers – there are thousands of people making a living or making a part-time income on eBay. Today I’m going to talk about the two main influences of selling on eBay – and I will call this The Big Advantage and The Big Disadvantage. Let’s talk about […]

Before sailing out to sea, the captain should be sure the boat is in good condition by checking all the equipment and accessories on board. If there are any missing, they should be ordered immediately which will surely come in handy in case of an emergency. Some vessels may not be as high tech as […]

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