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Champion Juicer 2000 Review

The Champion Juicer 2000 is great for anyone hoping to get the most from their juicer and the most bang for their buck. Reasonably priced, this powerful little juicer can perform a variety of functions and produce fruit and vegetable juices, nut butter, baby food, and yes, even ice cream. This versatile little juicer, with […]

The Use and Abuse of OEE

What is OEE for? The simple answer is “Improvement”. OEE is an improvement measure and is used as part of the improvement cycle. Unfortunately, much is made of the 85% World Class Standard an arbitrary target found in the original TPM literature. Not only is this target out of date (Nissan in Sunderland are running […]

Seven Tips for Building Your Wealth

Here are seven tips for you to help you achieve a success financial life. These seven strategies have been used throughout the ages by the self made rich and are being used just as effectively today by those who build their own fortunes. 1. Accept Your Right To Be Rich We as human beings are […]

Your marketing division – maybe thats you? – has two major jobs to do for your company: – find new customers– hang on to existing customers Both of those jobs can be a major challenge. Trying to do both of those jobs on a budget is an even bigger challenge. Advertising is the usual answer […]

The Wind Farms Debate

These will generate enough power to supply the average electricity needs of 8,500 homes in the local area. This wind farm is not situated out to sea but in the picturesque hills of the Saddleworth Moors and would be visible for miles around. Government targets state that 10% of the UK’s energy should be supplied […]

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