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Want to catch up the latest mobile phone trend? Samsung unleashes the perfect blend of innovative technology and novel design with the fashionable Samsung E900. Spice up your tech-savvy lifestyle with the ultra-cool Samsung E900 Pink. Slide open the Samsung E900 and capture your special moments with the in-built 2 mega pixel camera with 4x […]

Once upon a time, in 1969, there was a young woman who had a dream of starting her own company. She had ideas, talent and work ethic to spare but what she didn’t have was cash. After careful research she found that marketing would cost more than all the other aspects of her business combined. […]

Everyone wants to make $300 a day or more with their AdWords campaigns. You’ve started a few campaigns, spent a few dollars, and now you’re wondering – “where’s the payoff!” There’s no secret to AdWords success. Like anything, joining the big leagues of AdWords profits means you must put in the hours. In this case, […]

Weighing 92.5 g with a clamshell mechanism Sony Ericsson Z558i mobile phone comes with a unique touch -sensitive screen. Infact Sony Ericsson Z558i is one of the first mobile phone from Sony Ericsson which features touch-screen navigation without the Symbian operating system. There is the choice of two colours: pearl copper and sterling black which […]

Call it a blind spot. Call it regimented thinking. Call it the-way-we-have-always-done-it. But by any name, there are actions and practices that far too many businesses engage in that can unknowingly drive customers away. When I observe such practices, I move from being angry to just plain sad. Really sad. Because the truth of the […]

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