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Power And Politics

Many of the leaders in our society are guided by unhealthy intentions. Instead of seeking to serve the people and heal our nations ills, their actions and decisions are primarily motivated by their desire for power. Many of the people running our country are run by their addictions to approval, sex, power and control. Unfortunately, […]

Symbol MC 35 – Power in Your Hand

Technological developments have empowered us to reduce most of the bulky equipments and devices to more sleek and compact ones that are easy to carry, convenient to use and have equal capacity if not more than the bulkier counterparts. One such example is PDAs and Smartphones. PDAs or Personal Digital Assistant also known as Palmtops […]

There are a number of treatments available to sufferers of depression who are looking for more help than using antidepressants alone in fighting depression. Treatments ranging from herbs and acupuncture to guided imagery are all finding their place in an ever modernising approach to treating depression. Although this field of medicine is vast, it is […]

These days, most people would throw away lots of stuff and materials that can be recycled. These stuff and materials usually wind up clogging the already full dumpsites, waterways and roadsides. That is because most people these days think that organizing a recycling center in their own home is somewhat difficult and inconvenient. However, if […]

Cholesterol is quite easily the top of the list of killers among the human race in the world today. An excess of cholesterol can produce extremely fatal cardiovascular conditions such as atherosclerosis, heart aches, heart attacks, high blood pressure, etc. If a person has begun accumulating cholesterol in his or her arteries, then it might […]

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