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How To Avoid Driving Distractions

Susie was driving home with her children after a medical appointment. Driving in the opposite direction was a contractor who was talking on his cell phone to a supplier. While looking at the phone, the contractor lost control of his vehicle, crossed the center line and hit Susie’s vehicle head on. Susie and one of […]

Oil Shortgages – A Solution

Many of us remember the oil shortages of the late seventies. They caused more than just the inconvenience of occasional gasoline rationing. Several elderly people actually died in the New York City area because of a lack of heating oil. Some people thought it would only get worse, and we would run out of oil […]

Monaco Prince Campaigns For The Environment

Prince Albert of Monaco visited the North Pole in April this year as part of an effort to push the environmental issue up the agenda with other world leaders. Now he has established a foundation as part of his personal commitment for ‘the protection of the environment and sustainable development’ – and in the process […]

What is a power of attorney? Most people have heard this phrase used before. But do you know what a power of attorney is and what they are used for? Do you have one? Do you need to have one? There are many questions and we hope to have some of your answers. A power […]

When searching for a merchant account provider remember to do some research on the company and try to get some positive opinions about the merchant account provider you are planning on doing business with. Not every merchant account provider can provide you with the perfect solution to fit your needs. Due to the competitive market […]

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