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The Tax Policy Charade

Tax policy discussions are meant to do what? Arrive at a rational policy, or garner votes. I think it is the latter. What is lost in all the debate over tax increases versus tax cuts, is science. Contrary to what most people may think, there is some scientific study of taxation. Applying The Laffer Curve […]

If you became aware that your child has a MySpace account without your permission there are some steps to take on what to do about it. suggests that you talk to your child to cancel the account if you want the account to be deleted. To do this, try logging on to the site […]

I have an admission to make. I just polished off every molecule of a McDonalds Big N Tasty Meal. (Thats a #6 for you Mickey Ds wanna bes.) Ahh, I loved each bite of burger and salty, soggy fry. Every mouthful was so refreshing after months of my “mostly veggies” regime. As I sat in […]

How to Be Funny Without Telling Jokes

Here is how to find humor in not-so-funny stuff. Before long, you will have people laughing a lot at your presentation without telling jokes. Below are some ways to get people to laugh.Steps 1. Set the scene for laughter. If you want to lighten up your program, you might want to let the audience know […]

10 Vital Tips On Business Credit Cards

An avatar of credit cards is the business credit card. Credit debt is a snake and needs to be handled with caution at all times. Although small business do benefit from a business credit card it is important and imperative to manage the business credit card effectively. To begin with your business card and its […]

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