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The child named Amelia Taylor is the youngest baby born in the world. When her mother was pregnant for about 22 weeks, she came to the world. Taylor was born only 280 grams, 24 cm high, just a little longer than the ordinary pen. Taylor is the earliest and most babies born in the world. […]

Imagine this. A Canadian homeowner – a successful professional with a lovely home in a nice neighbourhood – arrives home after work one day to find a “For Sale” sign on his lawn. Imagining that it may be a practical joke, he asks his wife if shes unhappy with the house! But his wife has […]

There is no place like now.

Most people in our culture today are so busy running around trying to arrange their lives to be somewhere else. We all want to be somewhere else geographically or financially or in our relationships. We want to be anywhere but here as we’ve been led to believe that if only we can be somewhere else […]

Incorporating employee share ownership plans into your company can be a great way to increase productivity and employee cohesiveness. Employees with a stake in the company will feel that they truly have something to work for, and will likely be more willing to entertain the ideas of management, and carry through demonstrated success tactics on […]

The sudden popularity of reptiles and amphibians as pets, in particular exotics, has created a host of problems for those who want to keep them. Legislation regarding type, size, breeding restrictions and cage requirements have been swiftly passed at many levels of government to ensure that the general public and local fauna are not put […]

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