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Awareness of Self Most people identify the lower components of their microcosmic being as the Self. This is a misconception that results in suffering and pain in everyday experiences. It also prolongs soul-bondage to matter, to Maya, to the wheel of birth and rebirth. Buddhism, for example, teaches that there is no self in that […]

Johnson Wins the Masters Tournament

Very unexpected, but it is the truth, Zack Johnson is the 2007 Master Champion, he beat Tiger Woods yesterday, Tiger was just a disaster, his game wasnt even close to his way of playing not even close to ordinary. A quick statement Tiger was not Tiger Woods yesterday. But Johnson was Johnson yesterday, nobody thought […]

Boost Self Esteem….FAST

1. Change Your Outfit Change Your OutlookBy dressing in what makes you feel more confident, studies show your self-assurance will increase.2. Pay YourselfKeep a jar in a handy place and pay yourself to pay attention to your words. When you hear yourself say the words, “I cant”, “Im fat”, “Im a loser” or anything negative […]

UK based Oliver Charles is specialize in providing English period furniture, watercolors painting ,oil painting , and antique painting. We have wide selection of English Period furniture dating from 1680 to 1830 concentrating mainly on the Georgian and Regency periods. Also we have fine selection of British 19th century oils and watercolors and 20th century […]

The betta fish is among the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. Bettas are known as the “jewel of the orient” because of their brilliant colors. The males particularly sport long, flowing, beautiful fins. As a result, bettas in pet stores are usually males. People like the beautiful colors and usually purchase one at a time […]

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