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Pixelization is defined as noticeable square pixels that can be seen in photos that are displayed on a computer screen or printed on paper. Without pixelization when you look at a photo you see continuous areas of different colors and intensities. Here is why it happens.To understand pixelization you first need to understand how digital […]

Why are eyes red in photos?Red-eye is a phenomenon that happens only when taking photos using a flash. When taking photos in day light or when in high ambient light scenarios people’s eyes look normal. When taking pictures in low ambient light scenarios using a flash the result many times is redness in the people’s […]

When using a digital camera to take action photos you will notice that there is a delay between the time you press the shutter button to the time the camera actually takes the photo. In most cases this delay is small enough and not noticeable but when taking action photos, when trying to capture an […]

Panoramic digital photos cover a wide angle of view. In its extreme a panoramic photo can cover 360 degrees of view. Such panoramic photos are for example taken from a sky scraper to convey the view it provides. Most new digital cameras provide a panoramic mode that supports such photography. There is no formal or […]

So you just got a new digital camera. Congratulations! What are you planning to do with your old digital camera? Many people just forget about it burying it in a drawer or somewhere around the house. There are better things to do with it, here are a few.Digital cameras evolve all the time. New cameras […]

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