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Go to a job site or a classified section, search for ‘data entry’ and you will see some home typing jobs and data entry at home opportunities. Are these real? Let me tell you straight off – they are not! Once you send in your resume (as if it was needed) to these opportunities, they […]

There are no universal human rights. In democratic, parliamentary societies, rights are not given, they need to be earned. Western states have thrived in part to some elementary principles. The Western Enlightenment tradition; Judeo-Christian virtues; liberty; private property ownership; respect for public spaces; transparency; accountability; morality and a code of conduct; and high standards in […]

Most people know what heartburn or acid reflux is and the English know this as dyspepsia. Acid reflux is also call gastroesophageal reflux or just esophageal reflux. With gastroesophageal reflux, the content of the stomach – stomach acid, bile, pepsin, ingested liquids and foods flow back up into the esophagus. This happens when the valve […]

Are you thinking about creating a unique custom music box made to your own design? The limit here is only your imagination; all you need is a clear idea of how you want it to look like. You can ask the maker to add details that reflect your taste.

Dubai’s unprecedented rise in the world of trade and commerce and tourism is largely due to the hardworking expatriate community living there. Up to eighty percent of the city’s population is estimated to be made up by the Europeans, Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, East Asians and people from many other regions of the whole world. […]

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