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Samsung D900 – Slim not Skim…

The Samsung D900 is currently the world’ smallest mobile, yet not small in terms of features and functionalities. This slider handset is launched after the huge success of D500 and D600, and is attractively designed to keep up the reputation of its pedigree. It is a wonder really how the manufacturer has managed to squeeze […]

Flowers are perhaps the sweetest thing you can give your loved ones. The most ludicrous gadgets will be invented by humanity, the most adorable stuff toy and most astounding Valentines card will be manufactured, and civilizations will rise and fall. But flowers will remain to be the simplest, sincerest and most touching gift we can […]

Iran Builds Support Among Muslim Nations

The U.S./Israel coalitions have been at odds with the Iranian government over Irans nuclear program. Diplomatic efforts have soured over the U.S. Israeli belief that Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. Iran contends that the nuclear program is to make energy and resents any interference from countries deemed hostile to their cause. President Mahmoud […]

Britains urban centres have been invaded by Face-to-Face Fundraisers over the past few years. Termed chuggers (shorthand for charity muggers) in popular parlance, these brightly-tuniced purveyors of bubbly roadside patter are the ambassadors of a growing economic parasitism within the British charity industry and, like any parasite, will eventually destroy their host if left unchecked.This […]

You know they must get tired of all those coffee mugs, right? Of course they’re appreciated, but how many can you have? And although everyone loves candy, if you get 25 chocolate-themed gift baskets, you’re going to have to trash some or risk putting on 50 pounds.If you’re ready to really give a gift that […]

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