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Did you have a disastrous dating experience with someone? Do you hate hearing negative sentiments from your previous dating partners, such as your hair does not look good or you are one of the clones of Mr. Bean? Sometimes, such negative comments will make you quit dating and cause you to prefer staying at home […]

There are thieves everywhere and the Internet has its fair share of bandits of all types. The most frightening and potentially dangerous thief is the identity thief. An identity thief can go beyond stealing the contents of your bank accounts or running up debts on your credit card. Identity theft can result in you being […]

Motivation As A Result Of Feedback

A common challenge leaders and managers face in todays work place is the question of; “How do I keep my team motivated?” Over the past seventy years motivation has been the topic of much research. From Maslows needs-hierarchy to Skinners reinforcement theory, the question has remained the same. “How do we as leaders create a […]

Paint a Picture With Your Words

Depending on what you sell, it is not always easy to get your point across, so it is very important to paint a picture with your words to give your customer a visual of your product, or a visual of themselves using your product.When you are meeting someone face to face, and you can show […]

Retirement or Re-routing?

When I was in my twenties, the idea of retirement seemed a death sentence. Anxious to establish a place for myself in the professional world, I found the prospect of unstructured time terrifying and wasteful.Now, in my fifties, I find the prospect of retirement seductive, even compelling-not something to be pushed to the end of […]

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