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Celebrating Jonathan

Amy Jaffe Barzach Advocate for Children of All Abilities West Hartford, ConnecticutI’d given up on all the usual words, now I was searching for the magic ones — words that would make the pain go away. It was just after New Year’s when I lost Jonathan, my baby son, to spinal muscular atrophy. And I […]

Want to Delete Porn?…Forget it

Last month, there were over 136,231 reported keyword searches for “delete porn” registered on Google search. Those are only the registered searches in Google. Unregistered searches account for four times the above number. So, what is every body so worried about?The birth of the internet was supposed to give people the freedom to download private […]

Heres a short quiz. See if you know the correct answers.1) True or False: You need to create your own product in or to run an Internet business.2) True or False: Not only do you need to create your own product, but you need to create it before you start building a subscriber list.3) True […]

Almost every day we encounter stressors that either make us or break us. And when do break us, it’s not really nice. Nobody wants to be down and stressed, and nobody wants to hear glasses being smashed everywhere. But stress occurs, and it’s up to us how to respond to it. Sounds like you’ve read […]

It should go without saying. You use you car every day, yet chances are you spend more time thinking about which radio station to enjoy than what is going on under the hood. Preventative maintenance is a very important aspect of car ownership and should never be taken lightly. Pre-roadtrip checklist As you prepare for […]

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