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The Magic of May

As we reach the half point in this month of May, there seems to be a calling to remember what this particular time of year is about and how we can take advantage of this in our lives. Its a perfect time to use all the energies that are available to create the magic – […]

The root cause for procrastination.

Why is it that we as human beings often behave in ways that we don’t really want to? How often have you said or done something only to cringe at the thought of it afterwards? The truth is that your behaviour is mostly driven by your unconscious mind, especially behaviours that is hard to explain […]

There are two ways that you can go about selecting the general decor of your home office: either follow the style that prevails in the rest of your home, or treat your office as an individual space. Choosing which way to go is a simple task requiring answers to only a few questions.> Has your […]

A major element of a Money Magnet website is content. Therefore, as an Internet business entrepreneur you should always be on the look out for new or repurposed content. Do you think that you have to write content by yourself every time? Think again. Content can be found from a slew of sources.Following are the […]

Unfortunately, first impressions of the bull dog terrier may not be favorable. Well, if you can get past the looks, you’ll find a very lovable, docile creature to escort you through your days.Years ago in Great Britain and later, America, gamblers were obsessed with bloody fights between bulls and dogs. The main function of the […]

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