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Fluffy is using your new chair for a scratching post…again!Its a very natural thing for a cat to sharpen it’s claws. After all, they are used for climbing, catching “food” (when necessary), climbing, perching and defending themeselves. Of course, let’s not forget another very important trait that cat’s need claws for…”kneading your leg” when contentedly […]

Why Cooking Organic Vegetables is Toxic

We make the choice to buy only organic vegetables, knowing we are doing a great thing for our families and ourselves. We bring those organic vegetables home, throw them in a pot or skillet to cook them up, and serve them with a huge smile and sense of pride!SURPRISE! What we’ve actually just done is […]

Sensoji Temple: The Heart Of Tokyo

The spiritual heart of Asakusa, and for that matter Tokyo, is the impressive Sensoji Buddhist Temple. Built sometime in the 7th century before Tokyo was even Edo, to house the golden statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, which, according to legend was fished out of the nearby Simudagawa, by two local fisherman brothers. Despite […]

Image Crisis – What do employers expect?

In today’s competitive employment world most people are interested in “standing out” from the crowd. But, think again when it comes to the image you present to your prospective employer. What are they looking for? What does their culture support? Will the image you present blend in – or standout, and which is best?The answer […]

How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Obesity is on the rise for canines. The reasons for this influx are similar to those that humans experience, too much food and too little exercise. The results of obesity are similar for your canine friends too. Studies reveal that 25% of overweight dogs experience severe joint problems. This effects their daily activities such as […]

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