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Amazing Animation of Planes

An computer animation is a sensational visible representation of the packed airspace above Europe at the elevation of summer upon June 21, 2013. There are normally 30,000 flights throughout European airspace each day in July. These flights cover a mixed range of 46 million kilometres. The video features the English airports of London Heathrow and […]

On the 6 June 1944 the greatest seaborne invasion the world has ever known took place on the Calvados Coast of Normandy, France. This invasion was the beginning of the end of the Second World War and the 6 June 1944 will be forever known as D-Day. This article is an account of the first […]

Chinese America or American China?

First, as any inevitable event in the world history the Chinese appearance and further influence was predetermined by consequent and logical changes in the international political arena. The American Revolution and its effect showed China as the great opportunity to represent American people’s independence and to develop their country into the wealthy and powerful one. […]

Mothers and Daughters, A Healing

Recently my mother was taken to the hospital. She is 89. The doctors thought she had pneumonia, but it turned out she had taken too much of one of her medicines and had come severely dehydrated. I had not seen her for about six months. Until then I had been, or tried to be, the […]

MySpace Layouts and Backgrounds

MySpace is a social networking web site which offers a network of personal profiles, blogs, friends, groups, music photos and videos. This network is both interactive and user-submitted. MySpace is reportedly the fifth most popular website in English, and also in top ten of the most popular websites in any language. Its popularity in the […]

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