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Your blog is your means of expressing yourself to the world. It is a very powerful way of branding yourself and a very effective means of building a relationship with your readers. In order to take advantage of the power of blogging, you should make sure you follow some simple rules that will keep you […]

At first blogging was strictly used as a tool for online diaries. Then blog and ping came along and people began making money with blogs. Then in 2006 tag and ping was introduced and blogging became an even more formidable tool in the hands of internet marketers.Today many of the most well-known internet marketers have […]

Indeed, it is not only possible to make a fortune with bloggging, but it is easier than most people can imagine. If you really want to make a fortune with blogging you need as many blogs as possible. That’s the most important single determinant to making a fortune with blogging.Just one blog can’t make you […]

In “1 – Blogging: Let’s Get You Started” we ended with the subject of content. Fresh topics are important to keep your blog readership interested, and now we’re going to discuss just how you can do that.What are you going to write about? It should be a topic that you’re passionate about or are at […]

1 – Blogging: Let’s Get You Started!

So what is blogging really all about? First off, let me tell you that it’s a lucrative business to blog and that blogs are easy to set up and manage. Imagine getting paid to write about subjects that interest you, whenever you want, wherever you are! The flexibility involved allows you to maintain your blog […]

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