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Crash Tests

For anyone that puts auto safety as a priority when it comes to purchasing new cars and trucks should understand that certain models perform differently in a crash. Learning what the new auto safety information is will benefit each and every person seeking to purchase a safe vehicle. New vehicles are safer than vehicles in […]

Are you or a loved one approaching the time of life many women fear — menopause? If so, you probably have questions about this sensitive subject.Here are 6 answers to help you go through menopause as comfortably as possible:1. Why is menopause a puzzling time of life?Before reaching the change of life, many women don’t […]

Is happiness and the feeling of gratitude what you feel on a daily basis or is stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed seem like a normal lifestyle? Has the feeling of being overwhelmed become so familiar that you don’t know any other way to live your life? Being happy is a choice you face […]

Most of us receive dozens of e-zines, e-newsletters or e-bulletins in our inbox each week. Many of these are just “spam” – useless advertising messages that seem to jam the inbox all the time.But sometimes, in the pile of inbox rubbish, you get something that is worthwhile – an e-newsletter that is worth reading and […]

Recently, a colleague in our busy office confided in me that he wanted to take a Railway travel in Kenya. What he did not know is the fact that i have visited Kenya five times for the last five years i have had a vacation. I knew he was making the best decision to tour […]

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