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It frustrates some expecting mums when they are advised by their doctors to go on bed rest for all or part of their pregnancy. It might surprise some to know that a suggestion of bed rest during pregnancy affects up to as many as one in five women. If you are one of those mums-to-be […]

Diversified Poems II 1) Hamas Paradse O face where Pale dim Roses stir, As blooms in the Gaza Skies The deathland gardens faint that are Your dawn is Hells paradise! What stirs your hate-one life is done What god shall deem you fair? Child of a line of demonic sons Is death within your hair? […]

Our emotions will make us win or lose with our 2007 new years resolutions. It is our emotions that are behind every decision, every act of laziness or effort that we do. So how do you feel about your 2007 resolutions? How do you feel about maintaining them over the long haul? Are you scared […]

The good sounding mp3 is one of the most exciting sound pieces of equipment today. I am amazed at how much high quality product they can put in that little piece of equipment. The surest bet is that the great ideas of today will be even better tomorrow. For now the ipod audio book phenomenon […]

It is not enough that good and proper food material be provided, it must have such preparation as will increase and not diminish its alimentary value. The unwholesomeness of food is quite as often due to bad cookery as to improper selection of material. Proper cookery renders good food material more digestible. When scientifically done, […]

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