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How To Care For Your Kitten

Even if you have had years of experience with adult cats, taking care of a kitten is a whole new world. Kittens eat differently, sleep differently, and need time to adjust to changes both inside their bodies and in the outside world. Learn about a kitten’s basic needs and how to help your kitten grow […]

In times past, copywriters typically wrote for niches with a high need and heavy respect for copywriters. The obvious places to look for work were direct marketing agencies, corporate marcom (marketing communications) departments, and publishers, to name a few. But today, work opportunities for copywriters have expanded greatly. That’s because clients became tired of unaccountable […]

Winter can be an absolute nightmare month for our hair and skin. The cold, blustery winds and the extremely cold temperatures can really play havoc with our bodies if they are not fully protected. We all know that winter can bring dry, flaky skin, but what many of us do not know, is that there […]

An Open Letter To A Dying Planet

It will soon be a new year and we are almost a quarter of the way into the first decade of the new century. Where are we heading now? What will happen to the human race? Will it overcome its shadow side and migrate to the stars, a vision of Star Trek, or will it […]

Although many of us do not constantly think about our hands, they are permanently on show and everyone can see their condition. Usually one of the most neglected parts of the body, the nails often suffer from being bitten, ripped off and they are rarely cleaned out. So it is no wonder that they can […]

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