Despite the fact that websites can be built for a low cost, using SEO can be time consuming. Some webmasters decide that selling links on their sites is a great way to make money. Many webmasters who own casino sites can afford to pay for a lot of advertising. Because of this, many webmasters find that selling text links to these sites is easy money. In the long term, selling relevent ads on your site will benefit you. There are also a few problems with selling links on your site which are not relevant.

Your site could become penalized if the search engines find that you are selling casino links. Even though this is rare, it is something which you don’t want to take lightly. Many of the other things which could happen to your site by selling off topic links are much more severe. It is possible that you could lose credibility with your readers. If you have an educational website, and you have a link on it pointing to a gambling site, this could send the wrong message to your visitors. If the site is targeted towards children, this could bring you serious problems.

You could also give your site a spammy appearance. It this happens, you may find it hard for other webmasters to link to you. If others sites don’t link to yours, your link popularity could drop, and this could undermine the hard work you’ve done in using SEO to optimize your site. The space that you advertise on your site is not unlimited. As you add more links to a page, the weight which is given to your advertisers can be weakened. If other webmasters see this, they may not want to link to your site. While doing this can make you money in the short term, you may eventually lose your credibility.

If you are currently selling links on your site which are off topic, you will want to get rid of them in the long term. They are likely to damage your relationship with your visitors, and it may also damage your relationship with the search engines as well.