Anyone who has been keeping a track of the growing cell phone phenomenon will know how the camera mobile phones have swept the digital camera market. The concept was a mere addition, when it was launched, and now one really have to look hard to spot a mobile that is devoid of an embedded camera.

Such is its hype, that the researchers speculate that soon the low end camera phones, will completely overtake the low-end digital cameras within two years. Mobile phones with 1.3-megapixel cameras will soon be very common and will outsell VGA camera phones by early following year.

So what really makes camera mobile phones one of the most sought after feature? Well, the answer is, camera mobile phones offer fun and exciting ways to capture and send images in a flash. Unlike bulky digital cameras, a camera mobile is small, light and easy to carry.

We carry our mobiles everywhere we go, and a camera mobile phone allows us to capture both planned and unplanned moments of life. Moreover, we can instantly e-mail photos to anyone or blog no matter where we are. Camera mobile phones also find applications in security and safety. Amateur photojournalists have caught breaking news stories, crime etc on their camera mobile phones.

The present day market is flooded with a gamut of camera mobile phones, having different specifications. While some allow to shoot pictures at one or a little more megapixels, others come with additional features like auto-flash, digital zoom, video recorders, BestPic etc. Dual cameras are also catching up, that empower the users to participate in video calling.

Day by day more additional features are provided with the camera mobile phones to lure the target audience. Of course with the deciding factors like storage capability, multimedia message interoperability, better imaging and picture-management software.

Major players such as Motorola and Nokia have done quite good in the arena. While, other manufactures such as Sony Ericsson (with their ‘K’ series) and LG are gearing up to establish themselves. Thus, if current trends are any indication, then camera mobile phones have an escalating future.