Buying car parts can easy or it can be extremely difficult. It is probably easier to find parts for an older car than it is for a newer car. Car parts for cars that are a year or two old must, for the most part, come from the dealer. Since the car is under warranty, the dealer usually supplies the parts or acquires parts that they know are of good quality and compatible. The after-market for new cars doesnt exist until the warranties have expired. Most new cars shouldnt need parts. Older cars can be easier to find parts for because there are more parts available and more places to buy them. For a car that is ten or fifteen years old, the systems werent as finicky then as they are now. They could accommodate different kinds of parts without the chance of damaging an operating system with a part of inferior quality which is a chance with the new cars.

If you have an older car and you can do repairs yourself, a good place to look for parts at a good price is at a junkyard. You just find the make and model car and take the part off. You usually have to do it yourself but you will get a good deal on the part and may even find original factory equipment. Older cars are easier to buy parts for because the parts are interchangeable to a certain extent. Today cars and parts are too highly specialized for the parts to be interchangeable.

You can buy car parts in a variety of places. You can find parts on sale at discount stores like Wal-Mart or K-Mart. If you buy at one of these places, make sure that you know their return policy. You may find that the part is a knock-off without you or them knowing it. A knock-off is an imitation of a brand name product, usually made of inferior material. Check the packaging for any errors in printing or spelling. That is usually an indication that the part is a knock-off. The cheap part may save you a few dollars now, but it may cause hundreds of dollars of damage to the cars operating system. Car parts are also available online. If you buy parts online, make sure you buy from a reputable supplier. If you have any doubts about the supplier, dont buy from them.