So, I’m sitting in morning rush hour traffic today, and getting some entertainment from reading the oodles of bumper stickers on the car in front of me. There were so many plastered on the rear of their car that I had to really look to see what color the car really was. It was blue. I know that bumper stickers are a great way to express yourself to the entire world, but pick something in particular. Don’t have bumper stickers for every cause that exists. Honestly, this car had political stickers, foul language, humorous sayings and abortion stickers all over the place. I’m not sure if they knew what they believed in. The absolute best part of this was that on one side of the car they had a bumper sticker that said ‘Jesus Loves You’ and on the other side was a sticker that said ‘Evolve’. Um, okay – that makes no sense whatsoever.

Almost everywhere you go anymore sells bumper stickers. They say everything imaginable and hold nothing back. I’m not a big fan of censorship but I don’t need to see offensive words staring at me from the back of someone’s car. Nor does my pre-teen. It is great to want to show the world what your personality or interests are, but do so respectfully.

During election time, which is upon us, I always enjoy seeing the political bumper stickers that people actually permanently stick onto their vehicles. Have you ever tried to remove a bumper stickers? It isn’t easy. Anyway, my opinion on who to vote for isn’t going to be changed by how many bumper stickers I see for each candidate. I have never been on my way to vote and still up in the air about who I want to cast my vote for, seen a bumper sticker with someone’s name on it and said, “That’s who I’ll vote for.” Perhaps some people do make their decisions that way, but I definitely don’t. I love seeing the vehicles with the political bumper stickers after the election is over. Even if they lost, they need to drive around with the bumper sticker that basically now says Loser on it.

Bumper stickers aren’t just used for humorous or political purposes. Many companies advertise by passing out bumper stickers. Their employees might put them on their vehicles. I had a company make me do that once, and instead of permanently putting it on my bumper and ruining the quality of my car, I taped it on the inside of my rear window. It had the same effect and I had the comfort of knowing it wasn’t going to be there forever. I might have to reconsider having bumper stickers if my daughter ever makes it on the honor roll….