What does replacing your car brakes and grabbing a beer have in common? If your wide pedal has been a little hoppy lately but your brew hasnt, read on for the answer.

Picking rotors at the local parts chain store: it can be harder than choosing which sub-par, soapy domestic suds to grab at the slim pickings stadium beer stand. Like the pale beer paradox at the ballgame, all of the parts stores disc brands look the same, feel the same and disappoint the same (and probably taste the same, too, but I wouldnt try it). Thats why, with both beer and brakes, you should stick to a higher grade.

A set of performance rotors is in order if you truly like the refined taste of proper stopping. But, you wont find them at the local chain parts store, or down the sad auto aisle of the mega mart (not far from the 36 packs without a buzz in the box). Instead, browse online for a good price on performance rotors from a brand like DBA Brakes.

Performance discs like the ones DBA makes run much cooler than stock or standard replacements. They help you stop better and make all of your other car brakes parts last longer. Its kind of like the difference between a warm Coors Light and a crisp Sam Adams with budding icicles floating on top. Only your safety depends on it. No pressure.

Want to go beyond the Sammy equivalent and head straight for a smooth stout? Pick a big brake kit like the ones made by SSBC. You not only get the cooler performance rotors, you also get more powerful calipers with the bite of barleywine. This, my friend, is the real king of brakes. Of course, with the premium brew equivalent comes a premium price: big brake kits will almost drain your beer fund dry.

The best part: performance car brakes parts install just as easily as their inferior counterparts. That means you can crack open one or two or 24 bottles of the good stuff and get to wrenchin in your own driveway. Just make sure you let someone else do the test drive when youre done. You can enjoy the newfound stopping power after a lengthy nap.