Bringing into the world a new born child can and is a unique experience for all people. Joy and happiness feels the hearts of the parents to be, because we all know that watching your child grow and develop can and possibly is one of the most exciting things in this world. Child birth can be both exciting and fun: one can put a lot of joy in to naming the baby, choosing the environment of the babys room and just generally shopping for the little child.

On the other hand, birth can also create some problems, more for he mother than for the father. Mothers will most certainly experience a lot of new and strange things, some of with will not be ass pleasant from the physical point of view, speaking. Some of the most common things that a mother to be may experience are normal physical stuff like back aches or the most specific signs of pregnancy: the morning sickness. The way that this feelings affect the joy of having a baby is quite variable. Knowing from start what to aspect and how to deal with these feeling and physical problems can greatly increase the comfort of the child barring mother.

Doctors have come to the conclusion that the pregnancy discomforts are the actual things that makes life a bit more uncomfortable during pregnancy. General discomforts can be vary a lot from person to person but are not that serious. They may range from normal head aches, fatigue, physical pain and back pains. More than half of the women that are pregnant suffer from these physical discomforts. Scientists and doctors are still a little puzzled why women suffer from this discomforts when they are pregnant.

One of the most common and typical physical thing that happens to pregnant women is actually the swelling. Now that the body has started a whole new way of life for the next 9 month certain things in its appearance may change. This way we see a tendency in the ankles and feet of women to swell up. Certain cloths and shoes that were tight on the body may not fit the mother no more. Still these are not things to be worried about because they are very normal to happen during pregnancy.

Back aches are the next most common unpleasant thing that troubles mothers to be. These pain tend to get more painful as the pregnancy progresses. The explication is very simple actually: because the mother caries the baby in her womb, and this in terms gradually gets bigger and bigger, certain stress may be put on the back, especially the lower part of the back. Hormones are also another of the factors that contributes to back pains.