You can’t please everybody; there will always be someone you know who isn’t very pleased with you. In fact some may even hate you. Even within the circle of your friends, you cannot be assured that all of them like being around you. Have you ever thought of the reasons why? But whatever the reasons are, here are some tips that will surely help you be that type of friend everyone wishes to have.

– Be Your Friend’s Number One Cheerleader. Bring out the best from your friend. For example, if your friend is joining a play in school, be one of the early birds and sit on the front row to take a closer view and applaud for him/her. If he or she is down in the dumps, be the first one to come rushing to your friend for a quick “pick me up on a bad day”. Chances are, they’ll appreciate it.

– Learn the Art of Sharing Secrets. When your friend tells you something that is supposed to be a secret, it should remain as is. That’s why it’s called the art of sharing secrets. You share secrets and by the term itself, it shouldn’t be spilled to anyone. Standing by your words to keep your buddy’s hush-hush would earn you his/her trust.

– Be Sensitive Enough. If your friend needs time to be alone and think, let him/her be. Sure, you are concerned but when they say they want some time alone, give it to them. Don’t force them to go out and join you in the latest outing if they don’t want to. There is always a time for everything. There’s a time to play pranks and jokes and there’s also a time for being serious. If you are really a good friend, you’ll stick with your pal regardless of the weather. Know when to keep quiet and listen if needed. Give them enough space to think about their life.

– Mark that Calendar. Nothing warms the heart of anyone than the thought of knowing that someone actually remembers their birthdays, or any special dates for them in the calendar. A gift is not a prerequisite. Trite as it may sound, the thought that you remember them is already enough. On the other hand, if you are someone who is not very good on remembering dates, get your calendar, organizer or even cell phone and let them do the task of reminding you of the dates you should keep in mind.

– Don’t Be a Spoiler. Loosen up and let your hair down. You wouldn’t want to be branded as spoilsport or the killjoy of the group would you? Take risks and do something you haven’t done before. If your friends want to try out bungee jumping, go with them even though you are afraid of heights. It’s a perfectly safe activity. Conquer your fear. Are you the one in the group who usually heads home first when in a party? Come on, staying out late at night or partying once in a while doesn’t kill you, as long as you act responsibly.

– Be Flexible. This means be flexible in your views and when discussing other topics and subjects. Life is never a bore when you are having a good conversation with someone. Being with someone who can talk about anything under the sun is fascinating. From being a nasty joker down to being an existentialist, this kind of friend is really a must have.

Be the kind of friend everybody wants to have and you’re likely to have the kind of friend you always wanted to have. Your actions can influence the people around you to be just like you – a friend for keeps.