Bathroom remodeling plans are the cornerstone upon which the rest of your project’s fate rests. There is no greater example of how “Prior planning prevents poor performance” is a reality than in remodeling in general and bathroom remodeling in particular.

Bathroom remodeling plans for a residence with only one bathroom present different needs and schedules that need to be accommodated. For instance if the bathroom remodeling plans show that the home’s entire water system must be shutdown for 48 hours to allow the plumbers to remove and replace an entirely new drain system, then there is nothing to do but find alternate ways for the family to coexist with the project. Maybe they spend a couple days away at a nice hotel.

Contrast this need for some very close coordination between the plumbers and the family with a remodelling project in a vacant home. There is very little need to coordinate with the owners because they are not living there. But perhaps here, there is a great need to renovate a bathroom within a week to get the unit ready for rental.

A complete bathroom renovation can be done in a week but it requires a different type of bathroom remodeling plans. What is needed here is very close communication between everyone concerned, making sure that one trade will not be hampering another’s progress.

So you see there are a number of different bathroom remodeling plans that include much more than a set of blueprints. Bathroom remodeling plans include managing the project, designing the actual bathroom space, specifying the types of fixtures and materials to use.

Bathroom remodeling plans need to include every facet of the particular job.

Don’t confuse mere blueprints with bathroom remodeling plans.