Bathroom layout designs, when they can be done and done with a real feel for design, can turn an otherwise ordinary bathroom remodeling project into a spectacular one. Things like the maximum use of space without overcrowding, the use of one strong central theme for the bathroom layout designs such as a very unusual lavatory faucet and drain set.

While not 100% related to bathroom layout designs another very creative way to add that certain something to your bathroom is to find a central theme based on an unusual picture or design or to even base the whole bathroom layout designs on a wall hanging if it is spectacular enough.

I once transformed a tiny apartment bathroom into a very nice space by basing the bathroom layout designs around a very nice limited edition print of a California vineyards Chardonnay. The color design had been done for me in the print; all I had to do was take them out into the room and it resulted in many an appreciative comment from guests.

Bathroom layout designs are most applicable and easily implemented where a completely new bathroom layout is being created. Perhaps a high tech shower stall (and I have a great high tech shower stall reviewed here) installed in place of an antique claw-foot cast iron tub. Changing the overall space around to its natural best look is what you want to strive for.

One of my very favourite bathroom layout designs is to install a nice two person Jacuzzi hot tub where antique fixtures used to reside. I helped out with a beautiful Jacuzzi installation in Columbus, Ohio where we knocked out a wall to double the size of out bathroom. Then we were able to create a beautiful bathroom layout designs with the new hot tub as the focal point of the room.

Be your own Michelangelo – he just let the David that was in the granite emerge.

Have some fun. Let your inner-most feelings come alive as you help let the maximized bathroom layout designs that is your bathroom emerge.