Bath décor – nothing is more beautiful (to me at least) than a room that is “perfect”. The correct room design, the correct furnishings and let us not omit its décor. A room that is pleasing to the senses – beautiful, luxurious, a pleasure to be in. A room designed to be lived in. Those are beautiful rooms to me and one than can stand out through its bath décor is obviously the remodelled bathroom.

A bathroom has such potential for dramatic bath décor and this is something that can be utilized to increase a home’s selling price or increase the joy experienced in living in it.

Some of my favourite examples of dramatic bath décor are:

1) Skylights – Nothing adds more elegance, more panache to a bathroom than a gorgeous skylight contained in a vaulted two-story ceiling. Accentuated with a low hanging paddle fan perhaps.

2) Lighting – This often overlooked method can be used to obtain the functional lighting levels that are required in a modern remodelled bathroom but please realize the opportunity you have with the bathroom’s bath décor if you incorporate a stunning light fixture of some kind. Decorative generally works best around the mirror(s) with recessed ceiling mount lighting fixtures providing the utilitarian lighting levels needed for general overall illumination.

3) Plumbing Fixtures – These consist of:

a. Your Tub/Shower Unit – is it an antique-looking unit to be accessorized with the same type of faucets and towel bars or modern to be paired with modern accessories?

b. Your Sink Unit – Do you want a common sink & vanity cabinet or will you opt for a stunning free-standing pedestal based unit?

4) Wallpaper and paint – These are two of the old standbys; utilize them in conjunction with your other bath décor opportunities and your remodelled bathroom will be a stunning victory over the mundane!

By integrating these different opportunities to make your bath décor your very own, you can design and create stunning bathrooms for very little money, depending on your exact bath décor.