Just like human beings, cats have needs and their needs must be fulfilled. Cat’s need your attention and care, they need to play and develp socail behavior like they would do in nature. Cat’s like to feel a warm body and they actually need this to grow up to good behaving cats.
What does your cat need?

For a better growth and development of your cat make sure you provide:

* Cat food

Wild cats don’t have the opportunity to get a fresh meal every day, so they eat as much as they can once they get some. That’s a natural behavior that some cat pets still show. Cats can get greedy but you have to watch their diet. Be sure you do not give your cat too much food and also don’t leave her hungry. There is a right amount of food that a cat needs every day. The right amount depends on how old your cat is, what gender, how much is the cat outside and some other factors. When cats are younger than 3 months, you should split the meals up into 4 small meals every day. Once your cat is as old as 12 weeks, you can gradually trim down the number of meals to 2 a day.

* Water

Don’t give your cat milk, it can cause diarrhea. A little once in a while is o.k. Provide your cat with enough water, especially if you feed a lot of “dry food”. Make sure the water is fresh, cats don’t like old water. Some cats don’t like pure water if they got milk all the time. A trick here is to thin down the milk with water, a little bit more each time you give it.

* Cat belongings

There are certain things you need to provide to your cat. A litter box is one of the items that are absolutely necessary to have. It helps you to keep your home clean from odor and urine stains. Put at least 3 sheets of newspaper at the bottom of the litter box, then fill enough litter in the box. This will help you to clean it later on.
If you don’t want your furniture to be ruined through cat scratches, you want to provide a scratch place to your cat. This can be a professional one or a self-made one like a rolled up carpet that you locate vertically.

* Your cat’s place

Yes, your cat needs to have his own place to sleep or to hide. A good place to sleep for your cat should be a a warm source. You can use old towels or old cloths to build a comfortable place for your cat. A good place to hide for your cat can be a closet that you open just a little bit.

These four important points should be remembered because they can definitely make your cat pets feel good.