Each year in Las Vegas, which took place Feb. 7-9, 2007 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, there is a huge flooring trade show called Surfaces. To many, Surfaces is considered home to all of the manufacturers of laminate flooring and a place to meet and test out each others product. Each year those in attendance at Surfaces may pass the Balterio Laminate Flooring booth and each year Balta challenges professionals and consumers alike to find fault with their product. Close examination of the Balterio Laminate Flooring, one can hardly find fault to it primarily due to its isometric locking mechanism which limits the stress on the joints and the wide range of styles and colors.

Each year Balta spends several million dollars perfecting their own new locking system. Balta uses the latest technology in isometric double locking. This mechanism locks easier and more tightly than the other laminates on the market.

The ultimate in installation ease begins with the Click Xpress system. Balterio laminate floors are incredibly easy to install. And that is good news for both the professional and the consumer. The revolutionary Click Xpress system ensures an attractive and fast installation. This rotation system makes it easy to click the panels together with a sturdy, seamless floor as a result. Say good buy to glue.

Moving the laminate during the installation process is also snap. When moving or renovation you can take the laminate planks out and click them back together easily. Sturdy, reliable and 25% faster installation time.

Different Tastes, Styles, Choice.
Balterio Laminate Flooring cares about different tastes and different styles, and choice. Your home is the reflection of your character and personality. With a Balterio laminate floor, you can show who you are and simply be yourself. In a style that is entirely yours. Choosing one thing means loosing another… But not with Balterio. Their collection includes the perfect floor for every room, in the styles and finishes that you always wanted.

Looks and Feels Like Hardwood.
The surface texture, embossed in the Balta flooring, appears as real wood. Are you tired of looking at laminate flooring that has no texture and looks more like a Kmart peel apart or a warped record?

The Enjoyable Sound of Solid Wood.
Balterio laminate is the floor covering for the 21st Century with a great many benefits in regards to installation and maintenance, but also with the sound and touch of solid wood.

Quality and Value.
High quality materials plus unsurpassed craftsmanship ensure you of a level of quality that is often hard to find elsewhere. The Hydro safe-HDF boards are the pinnacle of stability, density and moisture-resistance.

A Long-term Investment.
A new floor is an important purchase and has to last for years without losing its beauty or quality… At Balterio, they believe strongly in their product that they aren’t at all reluctant to offer a lifetime warranty on some of their products.

Easy Installation & Maintenance.
The Balterio laminate floors are extremely easy to install because of their handy click system that has been praised around the world by both professionals and consumers. It is so easy to snap and click together that a child could install it. Maintenance required to install is at a minimum.

Balterio laminate floors are extremely durable. The wear-resistant surface together with the strong core ensures a remarkable resistance to scratches, moisture and stains. They are as moisture resistant as traditional wooden floors. Even after years of intensive use, your floor will be in outstanding condition.

1) Wear resistant: The wear resistance is guarante3ed by the surface together with the hard core.
2) Impact resistant: The high quality HDF (High Density Fiber) core boards can resist sudden impacts from high heels, falling objects and the pressure marks caused by furniture legs.
3) Scratch resistant: Your Balterio laminate floor can also withstand scratches from office chairs with soft rubber wheels. To keep sand out, though, a doormat is best.
4) Stain resistant: Sauces, spaghetti, jam, coffee have ruined many times a carpet or solid wooden floor. With Balterio floor, stains need not be a disaster. Magic markers, lipstick or nail varnish can be easily removed with a drop of acetone on a clean cloth.
5) Swelling: Balterio produces the HDF core boards itself and applies the highest standards in respect of selling and expansion.
6) Dimensional stability: The high-quality core boards limit the effect of relative humidity on your Balterio laminate floor, in comparison with solid wood or chipboard. Any small degree of swelling of .04 inch per walking meter is dealt with an expansion joint.
7) Cigarette proof: A fallen burning cigarette that is for a few seconds on your Balterio laminate floor won’t leave the slightest trace.
The adherence of the laminate floor specifications to the European standards is reported and confirmed in the CE label that is placed on every pack. That is your ultimate assurance of a quality product without compromise.

Introducing Balta Laminate Floor Styles and Colors – Discover a new world…

TRADITION EXOTIC – AC4 25-yr & 12-yr Commercial Warranty
9mm thick 17.8487 sq/ft per box. Exotic Wood, true to nature touch > Narrow planks (4-sided micro V-groove 5.16 inch).

Tradition Exotic – TRENDTIP – Use foreign articles in your home to add a fresh, exotic touch to a country western interior. A Natural Phenomenon… Exotic, beautiful and mysterious…

One of the things so characteristic of a wooden floor is the beveled edges (V-groove) of the planks. This effect is realistically reproduced throughout the exotic range by the fine micro V-groove on all four sides of the plank. This, in combination with the narrow planks gives the wood a totally realistic feeling.

A Hint of the Exotic – Names like Tigerwood, Kambala, Maple, Sucupira, Asha and Teak evoke the atmosphere of faraway continents. This is the essence of our Exotic Wood Collection. There look and feel is totally life-like and the planks have a micro V-groove on all four sides.

Testimonial Tradition Exotic: “Balterio laminate floors are ideal for the baby room or the children’s room. They are exceptionally hygienic because bacteria can be easily removed. That gives enormous benefits in the fight against allergies. And it’s so easy to clean you have more time to spend with your kids.”

TRADITION ELITE – AC4 25-yr & 12-yr Commercial Warranty
9mm thick 17.8487 sq/ft per box. Handscraped, true to nature touch and > Narrow planks (4-sided micro V-groove 5.16 inch).

Tradition Elite – TRENDTIP – An elegant, slender touch at home… The slender planks make your room look bigger than it really is. That allows the room to stand out better.
Feel like a totally new space-experience? Then Tradition Elite is the right choice. With its elegant, slender boards – just 131 mm wide – this floor pulls the space wide open. With Tradition Elite, you get a greater sense of freedom from every square meter.

Testimonial Tradition Elite: “The search for a perfect floor for our new home ended when we saw Tradition Elite. Its airy and timeless appearance fitted perfectly with the design and the style that we had in mind. I was really enchanted by its chic appearance.”

TRADITION SCULPTURE – AC4 25-yr & 12-yr Commercial Warranty
9mm thick 20.5225 sq/ft per box. Handscraped, true to nature touch (4-sided V-groove).

Tradition Sculpture – TRENDTIP – Beauty has its rough edges… Mix different styles, such as placing an old chair with a minimalist table, and it will take care of adding a finish that is rich in character.

Wood seduces with its charming imperfections, its rugged surface, the marks it bears of traces of the finishing tools, its changing texture… With Tradition Sculpture, all of those desirable qualities are within your grasp. The differences is found in how it catches the light, its crafted wood structure, its beveled sides… reflecting pure craftsmanship and quality.

Testimonial Tradition Sculpture: “We recently bought and renovated this home, which is full of character. The large and high charming rooms demanded a floor that was up to the standard that the rest of the room set. The rugged character of the Tradition Sculpture was up to the challenge. The solid appearance of this beautiful floor returns some of the home’s former grandeur…”

TRADITION QUATTRO – AC4 25-yr & 12-yr Commercial Warranty
9mm thick 20.5225 sq/ft per box. True to nature touch (4-sided V-groove).

Tradition Quattro – TRENDTIP – A true-to-life V-groove… Let your laminate floor resonate like solid wood by using the right Balterio underlayment. The authentic look & feel of Tradition Quattro really catches the eye. The collection comprises eight attractive wood décors. The authentic aspect is emphasized further by the 4-sided V-groove. Indistinguishable from solid parquet floors!

Build style from the floor up. A classy laminate floor in combination with your talents as a decorator, insure a result that will leave friends and family at a loss for words. The unique pattern of a real wood structure and grains of the wood is at most its signature: timeless and quite unique. The true to nature touch ensures this lifelike effect. The natural pattern will be attractive anywhere in your home, from the living room to the study.

Testimonial Tradition Quattro: “My husband and I are perfectionists somewhat, as far as our interior is concerned. With Tradition Quattro, we cleared two hurdles with one jump: a stunning floor and the skirtings to go with it for a finish that just cries out for respect!”

REFLEXIONS PLUS – AC5 Lifetime & 15-yr Commercial Warranty
8mm thick 23.0875 sq/ft per box. Soft sheen finish.

Reflexions Plus – TRENDTIP – Give an extra gloss to your interior… Don’t be afraid to combine different wood tints for a result with remarkable contrasts.
Reflexions Plus gives your interior a chic, silky-soft gloss. The lightly glossed surface is the reflection of its quality: the highest wear- resistance, easy to install, and low in maintenance. Choose from eight timeless decors that are perfectly in harmony with all of the elements of you interior. Clearly head and shoulders above the crowd!

Testimonial Reflexions Plus: “We love style-full, unobtrusive accents in our interior, and we found them in Reflexions Plus. The lightly glossed look contrasts beautifully with the flat walls. The spatial effect is simply stunning.”

AUTHENTIC STYLE – AC4 25-yr & 12-yr Commercial Warranty
8mm thick 23.0875 sq/ft per box. Woodgrain structure.

Authentic Style – Authenticity down to the wood grains… Those who love permanent values without frills will feel at home with Authentic Style. Choose the timeless and rich expression of the wood, with its typical pattern and warm aura. Ten lovely, natural décors exuding cachet. Stylish, unique and easy to maintain. Authentic Style brings the most beautiful wood types together in ten timeless decors. Everything breathes authenticity: the natural tints and exciting structure. Everything you need for a marvelous warm and rich feeling of home.

Testimonial Authentic Style: “Wood has always fascinated me. The warmth that you can bring to an interior truly is unique. I could carry the natural look of my furniture right through to the floor, thanks to Authentic Style.”

AMBASSADOR – AC3 20-yr & 10-yr Commercial Warranty
7mm thick 25.6526 sq/ft per box.

Ambassador – Remain stylish within your budget… Ambassador gives you the best of wood in an exceptionally accessible price class. Ambassador feels at home in every room from the lounge to the bedroom. Choose between twelve décors with character, but always with respect for your budget. The best all-a-rounder is undoubtedly Ambassador. Choose from 12 colors and transform your house into a warm home.

Testimonial Ambassador: “We didn’t want partial or temporary solutions in decorating and finishing our home. Thanks to Ambassador, we didn’t have to make any concessions and we had beautiful floors in every room right away… And entirely within our budget.”

REVOLUTION – AC4 Lifetime & 15-yr Commercial Warranty
8mm thick 20.0682 sq/ft per box. Genuine tile structure.

Revolution – Were you thinking more about stone, slate?
You love a warm floor but the pure look of real natural stone. With its tile-like relief and structure, Revolution provides that unique mix. Combined with all the benefits of contemporary laminate. The warm feeling of a natural stone laminate tile is unique and especially welcome in your hallways or kitchen. The life-like tile and stone structures and are available in 4 colors.

Testimonial Revolution: “The Revolution was a real revelation for us. Walking through the house on bare feet or children playing on the floor… It is a unique experience, thanks to the soft and warm feel of the natural-stone laminate tiles.”

Get more out of life with Balterio. With Balta, you will not become a maintenance slave. The special surface treatment of the laminate means that dirt won’t adhere quite so easily. A light mopping or a cleaning system with moist disposable towels is more than enough to clean your laminate in a minimum of time. And to keep its lovely appearance for years.

The time you save is substantial and will give you more quality time. Enjoy wonderful, free moments that you can spend on yourself, your hobbies, your family and your children. More enjoyment and less scrubbing!