There is no baby in the entire world quite like your baby. Your precious little newborn is a one of a kind marvel. So, why settle for ordinary birth announcements to herald the arrival of your amazing baby? Here are some ideas for creative and unique birth announcements to help you spread your extra special news.

1. Photo Birth Announcements – Everyone will want to see your beautiful new baby. These birth announcements make that possible, even if your friends and relatives live far away. The newest trend is photo birth announcements that combine multiple photos of your baby into the design, so you don’t have to settle on just one picture of your perfect little angel. If your baby has a big brother or sister, you can add a photo of him or her with your newborn.

2. Make a web site for your baby – There are many places on the internet devoted to this very thing and they have done everything to simplify the process for you. They have easy templates you can customize for your new arrival with point and click tools. You can post photos, video, stories, even a guest book for visitors to sign. Then just email everyone the web address. Some of these are even free!

3. Candy bar wrappers – You can make your own from scratch, print a birth announcement wrapper you find on the internet and personalize it, or have a company design a chocolate bar wrapper that has all your baby’s birth statistics. You might even be able to add a photo. They are a lot more fun to hand out than cigars!

4. Seeds – Share the happy news of the growth of your family by sending packets of seeds that are imprinted with your baby’s information. Also available are traditional looking birth announcements that are made from a special seeded paper that can be planted and will grow wildflowers.

5. Bookmarks – A novel idea is to make or order birth announcement bookmarks that have your baby’s photo, name, date of birth, weight and names of family members, etc. You can include a favorite quote, Bible verse, or poem. One advantage is that these are easy to mail. Long after a traditional birth announcement is misplaced, a photo bookmark will continue to be used and appreciated by anyone who receives one.

6. Birth Announcement style business cards – This is different and inexpensive. All the same information that is usually printed on a larger birth announcement is printed on the business card, sometimes even with your baby’s photo. You can hand them out, tuck them into regular correspondence or birth announcements or use them in place of traditional sized birth announcements.

7. Magnets – Everyone who receives a birth announcement magnet will immediately put it on their refrigerator and enjoy it for a long time to come. You can get them in different shapes and sizes, with or without your baby’s photo. You can also find birth announcement buttons, key rings, and pocket mirrors.

You don’t have to send out bland baby birth announcements for your special bundle of joy. Whether you search the internet for any of these ideas, or browse through brick and mortar stores in the mall, you can find birth announcements that are as unique as your sweet little baby.